About The University

Welcome to Al-Noor Islamic University in North America for distance learning

Our university community is a vital community that opens its arms to everyone, your professors, friends and colleagues. This community will always support and encourage you; whatever your home, you will always feel that the university is your home that helps you to know more about life and work. Al-Noor Islamic University includes nine colleges to allow students the freedom to choose between various majors. The Al-Noor Islamic University community has talented students, professors, and researchers; In addition to a large group of professors, administrators, and service personnel who dedicate their time and efforts to change the world for the better. We also encourage each other to work hard, not only to earn degrees, but also to become leaders in this changing world. We seek to be a comprehensive university that addresses the challenges of the future through teaching, research, and the exploitation of all modern means of online education. We are also committed to working tirelessly to provide students with an experience that is far from the traditional college experience, and to help them develop intellectually, socially and personally.

The mission 

Al-Noor Islamic University in North America is a private university that mobilizes and employs its energies to achieve its vision through:

The ends

The goals

The vision

Leadership in building a knowledge society.  

University features


Education and learning

Al-Noor Islamic University in North America aims to keep pace with modern teaching and learning methods to build an educational system at the highest level. These means will prepare qualified generations capable of competing in the various fields of the labor market. The university also aims to encourage its students to continue an educational journey that does not stop. For this, the university offers the possibility of distance education using all modern means.


The Libraries

      Paper and digital libraries are among the most useful tools for the learning and teaching process that give our students the opportunity to obtain more knowledge. The primary role of libraries in the learning process includes providing students with the tools and services they need to support the learning process. The library of Al-Noor Islamic University in North America is the first source of information, as it serves all the teaching and research tasks of the university. The library opens new horizons of science and knowledge for generations, and connects the past to the present through continuity. The role of Al-Noor Islamic University in North America is not limited to distance education and research only. The university has an important role in developing capacities and colleges. Therefore, every college in the university has its own library


The accreditation

The university teaches through the distance education system and has international recognition and accreditation of its certificate as a private university. We document the certificates from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the student’s embassy according to the protocol of the student’s country. It has accreditations from the Ministry of Higher Education in Somalia in partnership with some universities according to the agencies obtained for their confidence in the educational system of the university, such as the agency of the Somali University of Safana. Ministry of Higher Education in Somalia.