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    Welcome to one of the world's best universities for distance education The university welcomes all students from all over the world
  • Joining Al-Noor Islamic University in North America is an amazing experience, as Al-Noor Islamic University is not only the ideal place for academic learning, but also for a full and dynamic life

    Education and learning

    Al-Noor Islamic University in North America aims to keep pace with modern teaching and learning methods to build an educational system at the highest level. These means will prepare qualified generations capable of competing in the various fields of the labor market. The university also aims to encourage its students to continue an educational journey that does not stop. For this, the university offers the possibility of distance education using all modern means.

    Welcome to Al-Noor Islamic University

    Al-Noor Islamic University of North America for distance education is a private university that harnesses its potential and directs it to achieve its vision by providing the education required in the present and the future; In addition to preparing generations capable of competing in the labor market at the international level, and qualified to obtain excellence in the development of scientific research, the university also aims to be a leader in establishing a knowledge society.


    The Al-Noor Islamic University team welcomes you to its leader institution.

    The Al-Noor Islamic University community in North America is a vibrant community with multicultural staff and students from all over the country. We believe that each of you has a special touch to offer to the university, and I make sure that our campus serves as a home for each of you. Al-Noor Islamic University of North America is more than just a place to learn; It is the place where students' personalities mature. Al-Noor Islamic University deals with the challenges of the future through teaching, research, distance education, and online education. We are committed to working tirelessly; In addition to helping students undergo an unconventional intellectual, social, and personal transformation. We offer you an amazing opportunity to make a real difference, so make the most of your best years here. Your academic success is very important, but you have to take care of your physical and mental health as well. If at any time you feel overwhelmed or stressed, please speak to someone. You are not alone, we are all here to support you. I wish you a great time, and many years of learning success

     Prof. Dr. / Abdul Rahman Saleh Al-Minshawi

    University's president